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I am the chair of EONY MasterClass.  EONY MasterClass is a deep dive morning session that is designed to address the specific needs of mature companies that are experiencing consistent growth, as well as the challenges that are associated with that growth.  EONY MasterClass is an initiative of the New York Chapter of The Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

The Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO) is a global business network of 14,000+ leading entrepreneurs in 150+ chapters and 60+ countries. Founded in 1987 EO enables business owners to learn from each other, leading to greater business success and an enriched personal life.  We educate, we transform, we inspire and we offer invaluable resources in the form of global events, leadership-development programs, an online entrepreneur forum and executive education opportunities, among other offerings designed for personal and professional growth.

In order to attend an EO NY MasterClass workshop you have to be the CEO of a company that generates a minimum of $1 million in revenue.  All potential attendees will be pre-screened prior to attendance.

To register please e mail

Below is the next EONY MasterClass event:

High End Tax Strategies Used by the “1%” to Significantly Mitigate or Even Eliminate Their Taxes.

October 16, 2019 8:30 to 11:30 am.   Location provided upon successful registration.

You have heard that select members of the “1%” use creative tax strategies to drastically drop their individual tax rates.  Well wouldn’t you want to know what some of those strategies are?

In this session we present three specific models that, while aggressive, are totally legal and legitimate and in compliance with the Internal Revenue Code that are used by ultra- high net worth individuals on an annual basis to drastically reduce their tax bills.  In addition to the three models, we will discuss how to structure these strategies so as not to increase the possibility of your tax return being audited.  This session will not only focus on mitigating your personal tax liability but also on how to mitigate your business income tax liabilities.

About Mark Bianchi

Mark Bianchi is currently the President of Titan Capital Recovery Group an independent consulting firm whose primary focus is on ensuring that their clients receive the maximum benefit of many powerful federal and state government sponsored tax credits and incentive programs that can either mitigate or recapture taxes paid.  In addition, Mark structures transactions and relationships that substantially enhance the marketability, liquidity and after tax value on the sale of capital assets (including operating businesses, real estate and intellectual property).

About Dan DiLella

Dan DiLella co-founder of DiLella-Hotaling Insurance services in Houston, Texas, focuses on helping clients address their specific planning needs by creating bespoke programs that work efficiently toward their goals and in congruence with their other advisors. Dan has an expertise on insurance analysis, tax-mitigation solutions, and high-level estate planning platforms.