Cooperatives Eligible for Funding Under SECURE Act

COVID-19 Business Update

Under the SECURE Act, cooperative housing corporations (but not condominium associations) may be eligible to receive forgivable loans.

In order to be eligible, a cooperative:

  • Must certify that it has experienced “current economic uncertainty” due to the pandemic; and
  • Cannot have more than 300 employees.

Forgivable loans will be made to eligible cooperatives in an amount not to exceed 2.5 times its monthly payroll expense (with a $2,000,000 cap) and will be forgiven to the extent that borrowed funds are used for eligible expenses, and at least 60% of those expenses are payroll expenses.

The statute does not provide a definition of the term “economic uncertainty,” but SBA regulations create a presumption in favor of the borrower for loans under $2,000,000. The new legislation also provides a mechanism for entities that had previously received PPP funds to qualify for a “Second Draw Loan.” To qualify for a “Second Draw Loan” an entity must certify that it has experienced a reduction in income (gross receipts) in excess of 25% from any fiscal quarter of the prior year. While a 25% reduction is not the test for a cooperative to qualify for an initial funding pursuant to the program, having some revenue loss will be helpful in certifying as to the existence of economic uncertainty.

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