Wealth Management and Corporate Benefits

No matter the industry, location, or size of a company Galleros Robinson's technology professionals leverage their extensive experience to enable organizations to choose the right technological solution for their needs, identify areas that may need changes or upgrades, and help ensure that their company's data, as well as their customers' data, is secure.

The Wealth Management and Corporate Benefits (WMCB) practice of Galleros Robinson exists to provide high net worth individuals, including individuals whose financial assets largely consist of the businesses they own, with the advanced financial planning they need to prepare for liquidity transitions, to maximize their return on investments, and to enjoy fully the rewards they've earned through years of effort.

We provide individual clients with a full range of financial planning solutions that integrate investment management, estate planning, asset protection and tax efficiency. Our clients are typically the owners of private or closely-held businesses. The catalysts for engaging us include a desire to coordinate effective planning strategies between personal and business goals, including personal financial and wealth management, planning for business transition, or corporate retirement plan strategies as well as maximizing corporate benefit programs.

Our multi-faceted independent team of consultants is comprised of Certified Financial Planners, Certified Business Exit Consultants, registered investment advisors, licensed insurance advisors, and benefit-plan specialists. All of these consultants perform a detailed discovery to reveal what a client's goals are and to create strategies to achieve them. Goals range from business succession and tax efficient estate transfer to Corporate Benefits including medical insurance and retirement plans. Personal investments and risk management are honed for optimal performance based on individual risks and time horizons. Clients turn to us for assessment, planning blueprints and implementation roadmaps, all customized to their particular objectives and tailored to their target time horizons. When the initial assessment has been shared with the client, our independent process helps determine the strategy which best serves their goals. We have the added value to turn to the specialized skills of the rest of the Galleros Robinson professionals, including our business services and tax practices groups, when needed.

A key differentiator for WMCB clients is our ability not only to conduct thorough independent financial planning but also to implement that plan. This gives clients the critical information they need to align today's decision-making with tomorrow's needs.