Cross Border International Practices

The partners of Galleros Robinson have worked with clients throughout the world to help structure, organize, and manage their business and reporting requirements. Our cross-border specialists provide a variety of professional services to multinational companies with a US presence.

Start-Up Phase

  • Advising on the differences in business practices between their home country and the United States
  • Advising on appropriate corporate structures
  • Assisting in obtaining US federal identification numbers
  • Preparing required registration forms

Tax Planning and Compliance

  • Outlining the documentation requirements for related party transactions, including transfer pricing
  • Coordinating with home country professionals to obtain the best worldwide tax structure
  • Discussing the US tax implications when home office personnel work in the US
  • Preparing the US or foreign branch federal, state, and local tax returns


  • Assisting in record-keeping for the US entity, and reporting to the home office
  • Advising on mandatory insurance coverage
  • Facilitating payroll servicing for clients with absentee management
  • Recommending attorneys, insurance brokers, and other professionals

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