Litigation Consulting & Forensic Accounting

Galleros Robinson’s professionals provide services in a wide range of litigation consulting and forensic accounting services. We can help assess the strength of a client’s position, and provide an objective analysis of the opposition’s assumptions and tactics. We will compile the critical numbers to reinforce your case and provide a fresh perspective from a financial expert’s point of view. Working behind the scenes, we help to identify, organize, and analyze the data that are key to a client’s legal strategies. As expert witnesses, Galleros Robinson provides the financial and legal expertise essential to your case.

  • Experienced in testifying in court as expert witnesses;
  • Experts in forensic accounting;
  • Specialists in financial and fraud investigations;
  • Experts in the application of generally accepted accounting principles and auditing standards (“GAAP” and “GAAS”) and in the application of SEC Rules and Regulations;
  • Specialists in damage-calculation engagements;
  • Experienced in business and asset valuations for estate and gift tax purposes, dispute resolution purposes and financial reporting purposes; and
  • Experts in evaluating assets, proposing strategies to maximize settlements.

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