Understand The Financial Worth of Your Business

Achieving tax savings is a universal financial goal. When tax burdens decrease your available financial resources, you need advice and guidance from financial professionals who know how to address tax challenges and seize tax-saving opportunities.

At Galleros Robinson we view tax planning as a key component of a unified strategic planning process. Our corporate, partnership, individual, and state and local tax professionals work as a team with our financial planning and benefits advisors to integrate the most effective tax preparation strategy into your financial and business planning. We are business advisors experienced in serving the needs of a diverse client base, with an understanding of the issues faced by organizations ranging in size from start-ups to large multinational corporations.

Powering New & Growing Businesses by Tax Preparation

You can count on us for cost-effective taxation advice, advocacy, and action in the context of both your immediate and long-term personal and business objectives in New York, New Jersey & Florida. We are also diligent in assisting you to meet your tax compliance obligations so as to avoid onerous penalties and minimize the rush of a costly tax examination.

Our professionals are experienced in the tax aspects of business decisions that companies may encounter throughout the business growth cycle from selecting or revising their business structure to sorting through the tax consequences of vital business transactions such as:

  • Acquisitions and mergers
  • Public and private offerings
  • Corporate restructurings
  • International transactions

We’ll listen to your unique financial situation and help you decide if we’re a good fit. yes – it’s that simple by just a call on 646.921.0400 or write us at